Sheds, Portable Buildings & Containers

Storage sheds and canopies up to 200 sq. ft. do not require a permit, however they must meet the setback requirements for the property line for the zone district which they are located in and may not be attached to the house. (See 'Setback Requirements' tab) Note: This applies to residential properties only, any activity at a commercial location require review by the Building Official.

Storage shed and canopies over 200 sq. ft. require a building permit to make sure they meet building and Land Use Code requirements. This applies to site built and prefabricated structures which are delivered as one unit. Note: The total square footage includes any roof overhangs or lean-to style roofs that may extend out.

Storage Containers:
Metal storage containers over 200 sq. ft. are only allowed on a temporary basis for construction. Typically, 180 days or less. (Applies to City of Craig ONLY)

If  you have any doubt of what type or where you can place a structure on your property, please contact the Building Official at (970)826-2013 orclick here to email.