Septic Systems (ONLY County)

Septic systems must be designed by a Colorado licensed engineer. This includes major repairs or replacements, as well as new installs. The design must be per the Colorado Department of Health and Environmental Regulation No. 43, On-site Wastewater Treatment System Regulation.

Permit & Inspection process:
Once you have received the engineered drawings for the system, you will need to bring them to the building department and purchase a septic permit from the Craig/Moffat County Building Department. The permit fee is $100. Once the system is installed and before you backfill, you will need to contact the Building Official and the engineer which designed the system. The engineer will need to verify that the system was installed per their design and send me a confirmation so that I can final the permit.

Moffat County Individual Sewage Disposal System (Septic) Application/Permit