Residential Solar Installation Checklist

The following is a basic informative checklist for obtaining a Solar Installation permit. This covers a majority of the permitting process and submittal requirements. However additional information may be requested for approval depending on the size and/or complexity of the project.

 Permit process:
  1. 3 sets of plans a minimum of 11”x 17” will be required for submittal. Plans can be submitted electronically, however larger plans may also require paper copies to be submitted. Submittals must be sent to The Community Development Department at 300 W 4th Street, Craig CO, 81625 or
 Note: All plans must be stamped by a Colorado State licensed engineer. (Exceptions may apply)
  1. The Craig/Moffat County Building Department will be responsible for plan review and inspections including, but not limited to, racking systems, fire access setbacks, wind zones, snow and wind loads, existing roof structure, etc. A separate electrical permit will be required from the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies, Division of Professions & Occupations, as we defer all electrical permits, plan reviews, and inspections to the state. They will be responsible for reviewing and inspecting the electrical portion of the project. Approval from the state will be required prior to issuing a Building Permit.
  1. Plans must include a site plan and details showing the location of:
       * All disconnects                                          
       * All modules                                               
       * All batteries                                               
       * All inverters                                               
       * All grounding conductors                      
       * Racking system locations and attachment details from the manufacturer
       * Dimensions & clearances around all equipment
       * Firefighter access paths per the 2018 IFC (typically 36”)
       * Existing roof vents, penetrations, etc.
       * Existing roof structure (if roof mounted)
       * Design Criteria
       * Location & description of all safety & disconnect labeling
       * Panel locations, amperages and all necessary line diagrams

Note: The state may require additional information to acquire an electrical permit.
Design Criteria:
Snow load: Moffat County has a ground snow load of 57, however we have a 40psf non-reducible roof snow load. There are portions of the west edge of the county that have up to a 100psf roof snow load at higher elevations. So we will need to know the location and approximate elevation of the site.

Wind speed: 115 mph.
Frost depth: 48 inches
For more information, please contact Marlin Eckhoff at (970)826-2013 or      

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