The Police Department is in charge of Code Enforcement. Community Service Officers Josh Wright and Jill Nelson can be contacted at 970-826-2374. Enforcement areas include:

  • Junk2014Junk or Litter
  • Weeds, Grass & Brush
  • Hazardous or Unsanitary Property
  • Junk/Inoperable Vehicles
  • Vehicle Parking
  • Burning
  • Unlawful Depositing of Snow and Ice

Municipal Ordinances

Code Enforcement involves the enforcement of many of the City’s municipal ordinances. These ordinances have been enacted to preserve the health, safety and welfare of Craig’s citizens and to protect the basic character of our community. The information contained here is provided in an effort to inform you of the various nuisance ordinances and to help you better understand the laws that affect you. Through compliance with these ordinances, we can all continue to make Craig a better community.

Junk or Litter

Junk or litter means refuse, waste matter, junk or litter items, which by reason of its location and character is dangerous to public health, safety and welfare, is unsightly or interferes with the reasonable enjoyment of property by neighbors, detrimentally affects property values in the surrounding neighborhood or community, or which would materially hamper or interfere with the prevention or suppression of fire upon the premises.

Weeds, Grass and Brush

Growing weeds, including noxious weeds, and brush; dead weeds, grass, brush or tree trimmings; or any plants which conceal filthy deposits located on any property with the City of Craig are considered a nuisance. This includes land on or along the sidewalk, street or alley adjacent to the property and between the property line and the curb or middle of the alley. Exceptions to this are undeveloped or un-subdivided land, open space areas, agricultural crops and tended flower or vegetable gardens. Any trees, bushes or other vegetation that interferes with vehicle movement in the alley or street are also considered a nuisance.

Colorado Weed Management Association

Weed Identification

Hazardous or Unsanitary Property

Any building or real property, whether open to the public or not, which presents a hazard of fire or accident or a hazard to health or safety must be corrected.

Junk / Inoperable Vehicles:

A junk or inoperable vehicle is defined as any vehicle not capable of traveling under its own powers, not bearing current registration plates, or which, for sixty (60) days or more, has not been in condition to be legally operated on the streets. In the City of Craig, any junk or inoperable vehicle must be within an approved solid six (6) foot fence or within a fully enclosed building. The National Kidney Foundation allows citizens to donate motor vehicles directly to the organization through their "Kidney Car Program". The donation is tax deductible.

Vehicle Parking

No person shall park any vehicle other than a motorcycle or moped in any front or side yard unless the vehicle is parked on a portion of the yard which provides direct access to a garage from a street, or on an improved side yard area having an inorganic surface and a border which defines the parking area.


It is unlawful for any person to set fire to, burn or attempt to burn any garbage, rubbish or debris in the City. 8.04.120.

Unlawful Depositing of Snow and Ice

It is unlawful for any person to deposit snow and/or ice on any public street or alley from public or private property.  Snow materials may be pushed into the property owner’s property so long as it does not interfere with regular city snow plowing operations nor impede sight distance for traveling motorists.