June 2017 Agenda-Packet

June 13th 2017 Agenda-Packet June 27th 2017 Agenda-Packet
 1A 170613a  1A.1 170627a
 3M 170523  4A Stockmens 2017
 4  BILLS 05-31-17  6B 2017 Jet Rodder Truck
  6C High Rapid Networks License Agreement
  6D Memorial Regional Health parking variance
 6A Renewal Ocean Pearl  7A 2017 May Water Report
 8A Reso No. 11 - Broadband acceptance  7A.1 2017 May Wastewater Report
 9A May 2017 Police Report Agenda amended 6/27/2017 to correct item 6A and include items 6C and 6D