This section will be available to our customers to highlight any upcoming and recently completed projects or events which may be of interest to the public. This page will be updated on a regular basis, and contain information regarding construction during our water main replacement program, routine departmental events such as our yearly flushing program, and other projects which the Water Department may be involved in.

Automated Read System

The City of Craig has completed the installation of the new water meters and radio read units for each building throughout the city. The water meters are now read automatically and billing is current to actual usage. This project was successfully completed in-house by full time and part time employees at 75% of the original cost estimate. Reducing the pay back from 7 years to 5 years.

Customers are still able to monitor their water meter, however, the monthly tabulation of water usage will be done by a computer located at the City Hall. Each meter has a radio reading and sending unit (MXU) attached to the meter which sends the actual meter reading to a mobile computer/receiving unit. From here, each meter reading is downloaded into the billing software, and your water bill is produced. This new automated technology, along with the state of the art water meters, insures a high level of water accountability for billing purposes and effectively spreads the cost of operating the public utility to all customers.

We are presently going through the MXU 5 year battery replacement program.  Approximately 1/2 of the entire system's MXU batteries have been replaced.  This is done because once battery strength gets too low we are unable to read meters by the radio read system.

Glen Erie Pressure Booster Pump Station

This project addressed low pressure concerns by residents located in the area surrounding the Glen Erie Water Storage tanks, and also ensured adequate line pressure to all hydrants in the event of a fire. This station and distribution improvements cost an estimated $800,000. Construction on the project started in the fall of 2000 and the pump station, and phase-in of the two affected pressure zones, were completed in April of 2001. Line pressures in this zone now range from 40 psi to a maximum of 90 psi. The new system is monitored on a continuous basis on the water plant SCADA system.

Distribution System Improvements

For the past few years, and for several years to come, the city's distribution crew has spent nearly $900,000 a year improving Craig's water pipes. This has included eliminating dead ends, and replacing old ductile iron water mains with PVC pipe to improve overall system quality and integrity.

Automation of Water Treatment Plant

All of these projects are part of the "Master Plan" for improving the city's water treatment facility and infrastructure. A Denver engineering firm, RTW, has worked closely with city engineers and utility personnel to devise a plan that will improve the system's water quality and meet future demands and regulations. Automating the plant will allow the limited staff to operate the treatment plant on a 24 hour basis. Using high tech monitoring instruments and computers, both at the plant and in the operators' homes, around-the-clock operation will be possible without any loss of control or monitoring. This will allow the plant to operate at a lower filter rate, yet keep the daily production high enough to meet the demand. This lower rate will improve filter performance and increase the settling of solids in the clarifier, thereby decreasing the solids loading on the filters. It will also increase our chlorine contact time, thus providing better disinfection. We are about nearly 75% complete on this four year project, with a lot of work being performed "in-house" by the operators in conjunction with a local electronics company. The final cost of the renovation could reach $250,000.