Specifications for Water/Sewer Line Installations

Water Service and Detail Drawings

The Intent of this page is to provide property owners and other interested individuals with the basic City of Craig specifications concerning Water and Sewer service lines. This page is NOT intended to be a "code" book, only a pocket guide. A service line extends from the City's water or sewer main to the structure receiving the service; it is the owners' responsibility to install, repair, or replace accordingly.
( Craig Municipal Code: section 13.36.030 ).

Water Service Line Specifications

Service Line Specifications
The services supply piping from the main to the meter shall be a minimum 3/4 inch diameter, seamless K-copper conforming to ASTM specifications B88-65. ( see drawing 4 )
( Craig Municipal Code: section 15.16.045(E) )( As shown in drawing "A" )

All existing non- conforming piping may remain until it is altered, repaired, or replaced, at which time it must be replaced with type K copper.
( Craig Municipal Code: section15.36.050 (A) ).

All water service lines must have a minimum of 6 feet of cover.
( Craig Municipal Code: section 15.36.050 (A) ).

Water Tap Specifications
Multiple taps must be spaced a minimum of 12 inches apart and staggered around the pipe circumference. Water taps must be made in accordance to regulations set forth in the Craig Municipal Code: chapter 13.32.

Tap Permits and Fees
All taps ( water and sewer ) shall be done by a locally licensed plumber under the direct supervision of a qualified agent of the respective city department.
( Craig Municipal Code: section 15.16.060 and section 13.32.030 )

Corporation Stop Valves Specifications

Must be AWWA approved. Valve body of solid brass construction, AWWA threaded inlet by flare copper outlet. Ford F, FB 600, 700 series; Mueller H15000 series; McDonalds 4701 or 4704; or equal to be approved by inspector. ( as shown in drawing " B " )

Service Saddles Specifications

Must be AWWA approved, solid waterworks bronze construction with rubber gasket, double banded to fit 360° around pipe Ford series 202B; Mueller H15102-H16113; James Jones J-979; or equal to be approved by inspector. ( As shown in Drawing " B " )

Expansion Loop ( Gooseneck ) Specifications

Must be within 3 feet of the main and be no higher than the main, bent in a position lateral with the main. ( As shown in Drawing " C " )

Curb Stop Specifications

Curb-Stop valves specifications must be AWWA approved. Flare copper inlet by flare copper outlet. Brass construction open counterclockwise. Ford series 22B, Mueller H-15204, McDonalds 6100 series or equal approved by the inspector. No stop and waste valves accepted.
( As shown in Drawing " D " )

Curb-Stop Riser Box Specifications

Two piece adjustable cast iron with internal key. Mueller H10314 or H103100; McDonald 5601, 5603, 5607L, 5606. All boxes in sidewalks, driveways and asphalt must have pentagon screw caps for concrete application approved by inspector.

All curb-stop boxes must be serviceable and accessible at all times
( Craig Municipal Code: section 15.16.050 )

Meter Pit Specifications

The use of a meter pit for privately owned mobile home lot(s) is discouraged by the City of Craig. As with the purchase of lots in the Shadow Mountain Mobile Home Park for example, the city water department strongly suggests the following method of removal of the meter pit prior to occupation. ( As shown in drawing " E " )

Whenever possible the use or installation of a meter pit (box) is discouraged in the City of Craig water system. ( Craig Municipal Code: section 13.400.050 ).

For existing water meter pits, the City of Craig allows them to be used under
the following guidelines:

  1. The meter and subsequent lot are used for transient traffic of mobile homes and/or trailers. Example, the lot is commercially owned and operated as a monthly rental for renters seeking mobile home/trailer space.

  2. The existing meter pit will be allowed until such time that alteration, repair or replacement of the water meter is necessary and/or if existing nonconforming piping is altered, repaired, or replaced. At this time the meter pit must be removed from service, the water meter moved to the mobile home for installation, K type copper piping installed to the meter, a curb stop valve and riser added to meet the city specifications.( Craig Municipal Code 15.16.045 water distribution materials ). ( As shown in drawing " E " )

Sewer Service Lines

All sewer service lines must first meet all requirements of permits and frees prior to tapping into the city main. ( Craig Municipal Code 13.08 ).

Taps are to be installed in accordance to Craig Municipal Codes 13.12 for Sewer Regulations and 15.16 for Plumbing Code.

Sewer Service Line Specifications

  1. All sewer service lines must be 4 inches or greater in diameter.
  2. All service lines will be connected to the city main by WYE fittings or WYE saddles 
  3. ( minimum 4 inches). Taps will be installed by a locally licensed plumber and witnessed by an approved inspector working for the City of Craig. The service line shall not extend into the main.
  4. Clean-outs are required at the connection where the sewer leaves the building, every 100 feet and at each appregate change of direction exceeding 135°.
  5. Clean-out must extend to the surface grade and be Cast Iron, PVC or ABS of not less than schedule 40 grade.
  6. No roof drains, underdrain or any other type of storm drains shall be connected to the sanitary sewer system.
  7. Sewer service lines must be minimum of SDR 35 PVC line. ( PVC., PSM, SDR 35, ASTM D 3034-80 and PVC., PSP, SDR 41, ASTM D 3033-80 ). All fittings used must be UPC or IAPMO stamped and approved. PVC solvent cement must meet ASTM designation D2235.
  8. All pipe and fittings must be installed in positions that allow inspection of all markings and identifications.
  9. Water and sewer service lines must have at least a 10 foot separation between trenches. Crossings must not have joints or fittings within 8 feet either way of the intersecting point.
  10. A minimum grade a 4 inch sewer service line is 1/4 inch per foot. All larger pipes used will have a grade determined by the city engineer. NO 90° or greater bends allowed - ( 45° maximum ).( As shown in drawing F ).